In pursuit of educating underprivileged children ~ Freedom Through Education tagline

The funding and building is on a strict and formal process to guarantee the result. The project a Round Table has adopted must apply to the following conditions:

  • Proof of need and availability of number of needful students
  • Agreement of availability of the school board and support from volunteers from the local community
  • Agreement with the government for teachers, school equipment and the support of daily meals
  • Construction model and build plan
  • Financial estimate
  • Permit to build from the local authority
  • Contract of availability of the building ground
  • Contract with the contractor

Funded money is tightly held by the Round Table India Trust. To claim this the local Round Table needs to:

  • Provide all noted agreements and contracts
  • Provide a templated Project Identification Details (PID). This contains project facts and figures, a brief explanation of the need, project execution and result, project pictures included. Notes the agreement and contract details, and the determined financial forecast like budget of income, budget of costs and payment agreements.

The National Project Convener and his team exam the application (PID), supplied permits and contracts. If all the requirements are present and convincingly the project gets approval by the board of the Round Table India Trust. This provides a Letter Of Allotment (LOA) which approves the project.

The LOA contains all details of the PID, Trust approval and the project gets a project-ID. And it determines the financial subdivision of funded money by the Trust and by the local Table collected money. The project-ID is required to get the funding contribution and project payment requests from the managing local Round Table.

When a predetermined building stage is finalized the Round Table India Trust will pay it’s determined financial counterpart which proceed till the final phase of inauguration of the Freedom Through Education school.