The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth (Erasmus)

  • Freedom Through Education is started in 1997.
  • Round Table Netherlands already joined the Freedom Through Education project since 1998. A elementary and strong pillar in the startup and early growth of the Freedom Through Education project. Round Table Netherlands supported from 1998 till 2006 tremendously.
  • Since 2006 till 2018 partner NNBS joined by an exchange between members of Round Table India and students entrepreneurs education of Nyenrode New Business School. Fresh year students visit to India for business, culture, religion and social development. Through Fundraising  program have brought a bound between tablers and students and 11 years of great financial support towards visited Freedom Through Education projects.
  • Since 2006 stichting Freedom Through Education established to transfer the funds.
  • Round Table Netherlands committed in 2015 again to the Round Table India Freedom Through Education project. Many schools are build every year from the support of Dutch Tablers.

Throughout these years the partnership between Round Table India and the partners in Netherland have created millions of financial support. Knowing this amount is multiplied to build long term Freedom Through Education schools, the Dutch partners are very proud on their contribution to more than 1000 Freedom Through Education schools in India. Namaste!

Freedom Through Education has been twice awarded the prestigious ‘Best National Project’ of World Council of Service Clubs (WOCO). an umbrella organization of Community Service Associations across 80 Countries