Only the educated are free (Epictetus)

  • Round Table is a Round Table is a friendship organization, founded in 1927 in Norwich, England by Louis Marchesi. Internationally Round Table has 43.000 members across 52 countries.
  • Each Table of 15 young men exchange experience, knowledge, visions, learning goals, social development and so much more which creates a strong (international) brotherhood. Within Tabling it’s quoted as ‘Adopt, Adapt, Improve’.
  • Round Table started 1957 in India. With 5000 members Round Table India is the biggest association.
  • This website is initiated by the Dutch foundation ‘Stichting Freedom Through Education’. The foundation it’s primary goal is to transfer the donations from Netherlands to India. Partners are Round Table Netherlands, Nyenrode New Business school and private or business funders.

This website is created by the need of funders to ‘Stichting Freedom Through Education’. It provides a clear understanding of the Need, Goal, Approach, Build process, Cost, Funding, Process, Accountability and Impact of the long term project Freedom Through Education.

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